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Acupuncture during pregnancy

Drug free treatment options during your pregnancy! 

Acupuncture can offer you drug free relief for many health issues which may occur during pregnancy and childbirth such as:

•Nausea and vomiting
•Varicose veins, haemorrhoids
•Urinary Tract infections
•Musculoskeletal conditions
•Fatigue and exhaustion
•Anxiety and depression in pregnancy
•Vaginal discharge and itching
•Pregnancy induced hypertension

Moxibustion treatment for breech presentation

My baby isn't moving into position! I don’t want a ECV.

Around week 34 to 36 it is expected baby will settle head down within the pelvis. The best position is ‘well-flexed anterior’, this is when babies chin is tucked down toward the chest, spine aligned outwards towards the mothers abdomen. 

You might be offered a ‘external cephalic version’ (ECV). This is when the obstetrician applies pressure to your abdomen to turn the baby. Outcome: around 50% of babies can be turned with this process.

Why not try a pain free option that works? 

Moxibustion (a herb that is in a roll much like a cigar) is used to warm a point on outside of your little toe for about 20 minutes on each side. Breech position acupuncture treatment starts at week 34. The appointment involves a brief consultation of health history, moxabustion treatment and guidance to carry out the treatment at home. Moxa cigar's is provided.

Will you use acupuncture during the treatment?  Yes, to enhance the movement of the baby a few points will be applied along with moxibustion treatment.

Research: In an Italian study of 260 primigravidae (first pregnancy) with breech presentations in the 33rd week of their pregnancy, 130 women were treated with moxibustion to BL 67 for a period of seven days (if the baby had not turned, treatment was continued for another seven days), 130 women formed the control group. 75.4% of the babies in the moxibustion group turned to, compared to 47.7% of those in the control group. (Cardini & Weixin 1998)

Exclusions apply if you have these conditions:

•Placenta previa
•History of ante-partum haemorrhage
•Multiple pregnancy
•Known abnormality of the uterus of pelvis
•History of premature labour or premature ruptured membranes
•Previous caesarean section if more recent than 2 years
•Rhesus antibodies
•Known hydrocephalic foetus

Want a smoother birth?  Why not consider pre birth acupuncture treatment! (Week 37)

Acupuncture has been shown to be very supportive in preparing a womans body by ripening the cervix and opening the pelvis for a smooth birth. As well as, addressing any other pregnancy induced health issues you might be experiencing at this time. 

Lots of support is offered during these final weeks that will set you up for a calmer post partum period. Get your partner involved, part of the pre birth series involves teaching your him/ her points to reduce pain and speed up labour if it slows. Your partner wants to help, give them the tools! Lots of lifestyle recommendations to impart for complete recovery from labour such as diet, mother roasting and breast feeding support.

Research: the mean duration of labour in a group of women giving birth for the first time was reduced from eight hours and two minutes in the control group (70 women) to six hours and 36 minutes in the group of 70 women who received pre-birth acupuncture. (D. Betts 2006)

Gone over your due date and struggling with being induced by your midwife? 

Try acupuncture!

When a woman’s pregnancy passes her due date or is at 40 weeks and there are no significant health problems, choosing to have acupuncture to induce labour can be very helpful and calming.

But my induction is already scheduled when should I come? 

It is beneficial to have acupuncture anywhere from two to three days prior to a scheduled medical induction or in conjunction with a stretch and sweep appointment. 

What if I haven't had acupuncture before with Kim? 

No problem, induction acupuncture treatment doesn't involve a full consultation just a quick health history is recorded prior to treatment.

How long will my appointment take? 

About an hour

Will one treatment induce me into my labour? 

You may need more than one treatment over the period of three days 

Nausea & Sickness in the 1st Trimestser

If you have an uncomplicated first trimester (no history of miscarriage or require acupuncture for other reasons) a 15 minute consultation is adequate. You don't require a full consultation. 

Resource Link:

Midwife & Licensed Acupuncturist Debra Betts has a wonderful website with many tools to support you during pregnancy. Check out her website & app created to help locate points to promote birth, pain relief and support with other symtoms which might be prevalent durng this time.


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