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After giving birth in asian countries the new mother often does something called the ’30 days’. Family members take care of the new mother allowing her to rest for 30 days post birth. This consists of support and care for the new baby, eating nourishing foods and warming the uterus to ensure full recovery. Western culture tends to promote the idea of ‘bouncing back’ immediately.
Why not consider taking it a bit easier? Acupuncture can be supportive to allow a new mom  (first birth or subsequent) to recover fully and regain equilibrium. You are welcome to bring your new baby and partner to treatment.

Mother warming or roasting

A useful one off treatment following childbirth around day 4 to 5 post birth which can be done in clinic or usually at home by your partner to promote healing in general. By using moxibustion (a cigar made of mugwort) on specific points on the lower abdomen. This can be taught prior to your partner in clinic for home use. If there are signs of heat e.g raised temperature, night sweats or inflamed c-section scar this treatment is NOT appropriate. 

Persistent uterine bleeding 

If bleeding or blood clots continue after day 10 to 14 post birth and your midwife has confirmed there are no infections, acupuncture can useful in persistent bleeding. Various points are selected to stop uterine bleeding. 

Insufficient lactation

Treatment is aimed at nourishing the mother to promote milk production. Treatment should be considered twice a week initially to regain milk supply. Nutritional advice will be provided based on a patients unique health picture as well as moxibustion therapy to use at home to promote production. 

Minor post natal depression

Following childbirth a woman has multiple emotional and physical adjustments to make during recovery. Any pre existing deficiencies may cause a variety of disharmony causing depression and anxiety. Acupuncture is aimed at nourishing and calming. Treatment length is variable based on the patients diagnosis.
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